Ep. 1 – He contracted polio as a young boy. Doctors thought he might be in an iron lung his entire life, but God had other plans. Charles Morris shares his polio story with David Wollen and how the Lord has been his strength even in his suffering.

Ep. 2 – A pastor, husband, and father, life was going well until a disappointing diagnosis. How would the Lord see Joe Ananias through? Join David Wollen and Charles Morris as Charles talks with Joe about his battle with ALS in this encouraging interview.

Ep. 3 – She was a Christian. Her husband was not. For most of their marriage, he rejected Jesus. But God did a mighty work just before he died. Join Charles Morris as he talks with Michelle Sicat Powell about being a faithful wife in a challenging marriage.

Ep. 4 – It’s been 50 years since Richard Nixon resigned as President. His former chief counsel served a prison sentence for his role in the Watergate scandal. During this time, Chuck Colson was born again in Jesus.

Ep. 5 – He wrote a song that became a jingle for Kentucky Fried Chicken, which helped him go to seminary. Charles Morris talks with Pastor Aaron Roberts from New Zealand, who ministers in Canada, about the ups and downs of life and knowing the goodness of the Lord throughout.

Ep. 1 – Charles Morris
July 1, 2024
Ep. 2 – Joe Ananias
July 2, 2024
Ep. 3 – Michelle Sicat Powell
July 3, 2024
Ep. 4 – Chuck Colson
July 4, 2024
Ep. 5 – Aaron Roberts
July 5, 2024



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