Week 11: The Great Story Unfolds

In some ways The Bible in 90 Days is a sprint, but in other ways it’s a marathon. The good news is … you just turned the last corner and the finish line is in sight!  You can almost hear the crowd cheering for you at a distance.

Congrats! Week 11 is here. And by the end of next week, you will have read the entire Bible. What an accomplishment! Of course, more than finishing a great task, you have encountered God in new and deep ways.

Would you take a moment to share with us some of your newfound insights about God’s Word on our website? In doing so, you will encourage others.

The coming week will bring Jesus to the forefront of your attention. He is now clearly the main character of the Great Story, in the flesh, up close, and personal. Each account of Jesus’ life and ministry will give you new perspectives about the same person. The end of the week leads you into “part two” of Luke, where you read about how God expanded and empowered His church through His Spirit in the book of Acts.

Matthew 26:57 – Acts 6:7 Themes

Matthew  What a cliffhanger!  As you finished reading yesterday, you left Jesus before the high priest after He was betrayed in the garden by Judas.  From here, you’ll read about Christ’s death, resurrection, and ascension. Just before He leaves, He commissions His followers to make disciples around the world.

Mark  Many believe John Mark wrote down the apostle Peter’s reflections about his time with Jesus. Mark describes Jesus as both the Son of God (1:1) and the Son of Man (10:45). The former title represents Jesus’ divinity, and the latter explains His humanity. Both titles fulfill Old Testament prophecy.

Luke  Luke is the only Gentile author in the New Testament and he approaches the task like a journalist. He examines the stories and interviews eyewitnesses with the desire that anyone who reads his narrative may be certain that the events he reports about are true (1:1-4). Luke, under inspiration from the Holy Spirit, does not shy away from the truth he has learned. He continually reminds us that Jesus is the Savior (2:11) and, near the end of the gospel, that Jesus came to “seek and save the lost” (19:10).

John  The apostle John says he wrote his gospel account so that “you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name” (20:30-31). John does not tell Jesus’ story chronologically as the other three gospels do, but rather chooses important and profound events to support his thesis. In fact John spends nearly 40% of his time documenting the last week of Jesus’ life.  As Pastor Scotty Smith writes, this is “the most crucial week of our Lord’s life and of human history.”

Acts  Following the continuous action that took place after Christ’s resurrection, the “Acts of the Apostles” was written by Luke to document the expanding Kingdom of God. Full of Spirit-powered action, this book covers a period of nearly 30 years and was written to encourage God’s people that Jesus is always working to advance His kingdom and bless His people.


Encouraging Comments from B90 Readers

It’s amazing how reading quickly through the Old Testament has illuminated the interconnectedness of the whole Bible. How much later books echo things from earlier books. It is truly faith-building to see the unity that God, the same yesterday, today and forever, the alpha and omega, who was, and is, and is to come, inspired writers from so many different time periods and settings to write down pieces that form such a cohesive whole. Praise His Holy Name!

P.J., Texas

B90 Insight of the Week

The gospels are full of truthful contrasts. Jesus is both God and Man (John 1). Humans are created in God’s image yet full of sin (Luke 15). We were created to know God and enjoy Him, but our sinful desires continually keep us separated from Him (John 3).

Only Jesus can fulfill the law that we broke and take our sin’s penalties (Matthew 5). Only a perfect sacrifice could be acceptable to God (Mark 10:45). That’s why, even before the world was created, our Triune God planned that God the Son would become the God-man and would die so that He could save His people from their sins.

Even those of us who are living in Christ still feel contrast. The guilt of our sin has been lifted, but we still feel tempted (and sometimes give in) to sin because of our flesh. We are already in Christ’s kingdom, and yet His kingdom is still to come. 

That is why Jesus left us His word and His Spirit to give us direction and power to redeem our time and glorify Him in all the earth (Acts 1:8).

The Bible in 90 Days

Reading the Bible in ninety days is easier than you thought!

Once you break it down into bite-sized pieces, what may have seemed to be a formidable challenge becomes doable and enjoyable. And this specially designed Bible will help you get the most out of your experience. Fulfill what for many Christians is a longstanding ambition: reading through the entire Bible!

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