Week 1: Can You Find Jesus in Genesis

From the very first words of the Bible, the foundation for all of human history is laid out – creation, the fall of humanity, and God’s promise to redeem us from the curse of sin.

The first week of your 90-day challenge should be an enjoyable one. This section is fast-paced and covers a lot of ground. Pay close attention as you read stories that may be quite familiar. God has a way of bringing fresh insight to what we have heard and read many times before.

And if you get behind, don’t be discouraged! Pick up where you left off. Or catch up by going to a coffee shop, settling in for a couple of hours, and maybe even getting ahead! 

Genesis – Exodus:   Themes

Genesis and Exodus are packed with stories tracing the history of one particular family, often with great attention to detail. Here are the major characters and storylines to watch for:

  • Gen 1-11: Creation to Babel
  • Gen 12-25: The Life of Abraham
  • Gen 26-36: The lives Isaac and Jacob
  • Gen 37-50: The story of Joseph and how the family of Jacob came to Egypt
  • Exodus 1-4: God Calls Moses
  • Exodus 5-11: Moses Returns to Pharaoh
  • Exodus 12-15: Passover and God’s Deliverance
  • Exodus 16-23: Ten Commandments and Giving of the Law
  • Exodus 24-31: The Tabernacle and Worship
  • Exodus 32-40: Israel Sins, God Forgives, then God Comes to Abide with His People

Genesis and Exodus are full of stories foreshadowing God’s great plan of salvation through Jesus. Look for this especially in the stories of Noah, God’s promise to Abraham, and Moses leading the Israelites out of slavery. Consider the parallels between the details of the Passover and the cross of Christ, such as the blood of the sacrifice covering those who took shelter under it as the angel of death passed over. This is perhaps the greatest foreshadowing of the cross in all of scripture!

How did God speak to you through His Word this week?

Encouraging Comments from another B90 reader

Like Hagar we cannot run away from our problems….

El Shaddai “I am God Almighty” Or More than enough, Not God I am getting by, More than enough!

Nothing is too hard for God, He gave Abraham and Sarah a son, He can help you too.

I did not realize that after Sarah died, Abraham married again and had several more children.

God has no Grand Children, we each must have our own relationship with Him. We cannot get into heaven on someone elses coat tails.

Wow I am really excited about this, the Holy Spirit is shining light where before I had not understood, I am also reading this in my Life Application NIV, and it sheds alot of info.

Connie L.

B90 Insight of the Week

Again and again Abraham and his descendants sinned terribly against God, often to such an extent that we wonder why God chose them in the first place. Yet God commends the faith of Abraham and confirms His promise to save all nations through him.

This is the same God who calls us to Himself today, not because we are so morally righteous or deserving, but because of His great love for fallen and helpless sinners. So great was His love that even thousands of years beforehand, He shows us evidence of His plan to send His own Son to do what we could not and to bring us back to Himself.

The Bible in 90 Days

Reading the Bible in ninety days is easier than you thought!

Once you break it down into bite-sized pieces, what may have seemed to be a formidable challenge becomes doable and enjoyable. And this specially designed Bible will help you get the most out of your experience. Fulfill what for many Christians is a longstanding ambition: reading through the entire Bible!


  • Cynthia Thompson says:

    I never realized that Eve was named after disobeying God. She was referred to as Adams wife prior.
    Also as Noah and his family entered the ark, God sealed them in. God sealed them with His protection..as believers we are too are sealed with His protection.

  • Learned how gracious God was to the family of Aaron and the elders that they saw God in.heaven even after the complaints at Massah and Meribah. Help to be gracious like that and also not to test God.

  • Terri Taylor says:

    Thank you for the challenge and all the wonderful support materials!

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