A Ukrainian Couple’s Prayers for Their Homeland

Ivanka and Alexey Volkov were already living abroad when Russia invaded Ukraine. Now, one year in to the war, they have not been able to go home. Friends have died. Family members still living in Ukraine face extreme conditions daily. There are few ways for them to help from the outside, except offer prayers and support for their homeland.

In this special episode of the Great Stories podcast, Charles Morris shares his full interview with the Volkovs, a Ukrainian Christian couple who are currently sharing the gospel in Israel. Here, they share their hopes, fears, and prayers as Ukraine experiences the greatest humanitarian crisis Europe has seen since World War II.

An edited version of this interview first appeared on Haven Today’s daily radio broadcast. We are now posting it here in full.

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  • Will you give boldly to help Ukrainian families in need? Every $50 you send will feed a family of five for a week and comes with a copy of God’s Word. Find out how you can send meal boxes today.
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Aid for Ukraine, GiveMake a Gift to Aid for Ukraine

One year in to Russia’s war with Ukraine, there is still no end in sight. Today, 20 million people have fled their home for safety in neighboring countries, creating the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II.

In response to this humanitarian disaster, Haven Ministries is partnering once again with Mission Eurasia who is uniquely equipped to provide meal packs for many desperate families. Working with hundreds of churches in Ukraine and neighboring countries, Mission Eurasia is tirelessly mobilizing Christians on the ground to aid their communities in this difficult time.

Will you give boldly to help these families now? Every $50 you send will feed a family of five for a week and comes with a copy of God’s Word. How many families is the Lord asking you to feed in this ongoing time of crisis?

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