Worship Wars

Brenton Brown is a smart and capable person. Awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to study politics and philosophy at Oxford University, he would have every reason to believe himself strong enough to conquer every obstacle in life. But in 2003, both he and his wife were diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A debilitating condition, this also led him to co-write the well known praise song: Everlasting God.

Brenton has worked with just about every big name in Christian music, including the Gettys, Big Daddy Weave, Stuart Townend, Chris Tomlin, and more. He was a high achieving person who’s future was stifled by illness. And yet, for a man struggling through chronic fatigue, Scriptures describing an everlasting God who will not become faint or grow weary were exactly what he needed to get through the day. It turns out, we all need this everlasting God.

In this episode of the Great Stories Podcast (originally recorded in 2013), you’ll hear more of the story behind this song, as well as a conversation concerning the worship wars within the church.

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