Sharing Faith

Many Christians think the task of mission is a verbal activity. But perhaps the best kept secret of New Testament teaching about mission is that it involves a whole range of activities that explicitly promote Christ to the world and draw others to Him. And only a few of them involve speaking!

The reality is that the Lord wants our whole life, not just our lips, to be intsruments that bring the gospel to the world. Every facet of our lives can be used by God to promote the news of His power and mercy.

Watch Dr. John Dickson give a short answer for how all Christians, even those who aren’t extroverts, can share their faith.

The Best Kept Secret of Christian MissionThe Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission

This is a practical guide to the biblical art of sharing your faith. John Dickson offers refreshing insights into the ways that all Christians can and should be involved in spreading the good news of Jesus. As you read this book, you will be inspired to see the whole of life as significant for bringing the gospel to the world. You will be liberated from guilt and self-consciousness in evangelism and learn to become a perfectly natural promoter of Jesus Christ.