Hurricane Patricia is the most powerful hurricane in recorded history, and it just barreled through Mexico’s Southwestern coast Friday night. Officials declared a state of emergency after Patricia reached record-breaking wind speeds, forcing tens of thousands of people to evacuate.

Now moving inland, the storm’s strength has rapidly diminished while the full extent of the damage remains unknown. Will you join us in praying for those affected by Hurricane Patricia?

Here’s how you can pray:

1. Pray for Safety

Many locals have been able to evacuate and seek proper shelter, but the danger is still great for those who faced the high winds, rain, and flooding that took place Friday night. Pray for the Lord to protect the people who did not find adequate shelter. And pray for the helpers who are putting themselves in harm’s way to offer relief to those who can’t help themselves.

2. Pray for Restoration

Small villages and tourist destinations were hit with equal force. With much of the nation living in poverty, many of the residents will return to find their homes completely destroyed by the wind and water of Hurricane Patricia. Though it will be some time before life in Southwestern Mexico returns to normal, pray for aid workers to bring supplies to those who need to rebuild.

3. Pray for Healing

For the next several weeks, many of the residents will experience emotional and physical damage from this tropical storm. These situations tend to lead to serious questions about why God would allow something like this to take place. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to comfort the hurting, seek the lost, and bring mercy and hope to those in trouble.

The simple truth is that we live in a broken world. In one form or another, tragedies take place every day, and it is only through the grace of Jesus Christ that we can find hope. As more information is released, please continue to help those in need through the powerful ministry of prayer.