Kingdom of God

There’s no shortage of kingdoms in children’s movies and books, and yet all of them pale in comparison to the Kingdom of God. But then why is it so often difficult to teach our kids that all of life and all of Scripture points to our one true king? Storybook author Tyler Van Halteren has some thoughts about how we can help the children our lives become more engaged in God’s Word.

Tyler Van Halteren is the author of the new Kingdom of God Bible Storybook. You might also recognize him for his work on the popular storybook adaptations of Pilgrim’s Progress called Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey. On today’s episode of the Great Stories Podcast, Charles Morris speaks with Tyler about how some of the Bible’s most often skipped over stories are also the ones that help children and adults begin to pray “Thy Kingdom Come.”


Take your family on a journey to discover the story of God’s kingdom from Genesis-Revelation in this beautiful set of books! The Kingdom of God Bible Storybook is perfect for children ages 4-12 with hundreds of vivid illustrations and engaging text. This two volume box set comes with with heirloom quality cloth hardcovers, gold foil, and a ribbon page marker.

What makes The Kingdom of God Bible Storybook different?

  • Faithful: Follows the text of Scripture without oversimplifying it or changing the meaning.
  • Thematic: Focuses on God’s covenant promises and the central theme of the Kingdom of God.
  • Christ-Centered: Every chapter points to the longing and need for the promised King to come.
  • In-Depth: Includes many important stories that are often skipped over.
  • Study Guides: Each chapter ends with a summary page with questions and Bible references.

We hope and pray this book will help your family know and enjoy the Bible together as you come to understand God’s kingdom in a clearer and deeper way.

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