A pioneer of the modern worship movement, Darlene Zschech has written dozens of worship songs including Shout to the Lord, The Potter’s Hand, and Worthy is the Lamb.

Just a year after she penned the song, Darlene Zschech
leads a large congregation to sing “Shout to the Lord.”

Recently Darlene left the popular praise & worship group Hillsong United to serve with her husband at Hope Unlimited Church in Charmhaven, Australia. In addition to leading worship, she continues to write and produce edifying music for the global church, including her recent album Revealing Jesus.

Darlene began a new journey in December of 2013, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Understandably the news hit her hard and she became discouraged. Even in the midst of suffering and uncertainty, she sought the Lord through worship, and discovered new reasons to praise God,

Click below to hear what she said when Charles Morris asked about her journey.

This clip was taken from a recent HAVEN Today radio program.
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She does not resent God for allowing her to suffer, Darlene tells Charles in the interview. Instead, she praises the God of the universe for leading her through it, even when her journey seems too hard to endure.

On her blog, Darlene says a bit more about what God has been teaching her over the last few months:


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Corum Hughes works on the production team for HAVEN Today. Drawing from his experiences from managing a McDonald’s, working in mental health, and watching lots and lots of movies, Corum seeks to find Jesus in places he is seldom sought.