The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are known as a time that bring friends and families together with attitudes of thankfulness and joy. But it’s hard to have a heart of gratitude when food is burning in the oven. When things start to go wrong — as they inevitably do — that’s when we resort to one of the most natural human experiences: grumbling and complaining.

To help you get through the holidays with a heart of contentment centered on Christ, Charles Morris returns to his interview with author Ronnie Martin on a topic many of us would like to avoid but need to hear.

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The Bible says that we should do everything without complaining, yet all of us continue to grumble about even the little things in life. In this video, Charles Morris shares how we can look beyond ourselves to have a heart of gratitude instead of discontentment.

Stop Your ComplainingStop Your Complaining

For more on the topic of complaining, consider ordering a copy of Ronnie Martin’s new book Stop Your Complaining, which explores the often-overlooked sin of grumbling. In this book, Ronnie writes about how Christians can put away their discontent to adopt an attitude of gratitude and humility.