As Charles Morris takes a walk with his dog, Clementine, he’s reminded of what it means to have a servant’s heart.

So many friends of Haven Ministries have had a servant’s heart in the last year by providing help and hope in Ukraine and Cuba. Will you extend that same heart to Haven this month as we end our fiscal year on June 30?

Make Your Fiscal Year End Gift

When Covid broke out, Haven ministered about faith, not fear. When Russia invaded Ukraine, Haven reported from the border to provide aid in the form of food and Bibles. And when you need hope during your own personal storms in life, Haven is there every day with messages and interviews to help you behold and follow Jesus. This is all possible thanks to friends like you.

For nearly nine decades, Haven Ministries has helped countless listeners, readers, unbelievers, believers, and everyone in between find their hope in Christ as they face life’s storms. Will you help us continue this vital ministry in the months to come?

June 30 marks the end of Haven’s fiscal year and we need $698,628 to finish the year with no red ink. Would you prayerfully help Haven with a gift at this most critical moment?

Anyone close to Charles Morris knows he has a soft spot for dogs — especially his own dog, Clemmie. Meet her in this video as Charles shares how important your support is to Haven Ministries this season.

2021-2022 Fiscal Year Review

Everything this listener-supported ministry accomplishes in service to the Lord is largely thanks to friends like you. Your partnership is an important part of our ministry to impact the world for Jesus.

Thanks to the 16,569 supporters of Haven this fiscal year, friends of the ministry have made it possible for hundreds of thousands of people to hear the great story that’s all about Jesus every day.

For more information on how your support has been used to impact the world for Jesus, visit our highlights page and view insights from the last twelve months of ministry to see how you helped share Jesus this year.