Parents: Keep the Focus on Christ This Christmas

“The world says the real meaning of Christmas is all sorts of things … shopping, family, big sales on TVs and refrigerators, but we know that it’s Jesus, right? That’s why it’s called Christmas.”
Thus says Clive, an archaeologist, to his brother archaeologist Ian in Phil Vischer’s newest DVDs for kids, Why Do We Call it Christmas?

Isn’t that so true? How do we explain to kids with our words that Christmas is all about Christ, when what we say with our actions is that it’s everything but? Even if we’re not the ones stressed as we rush to wrap presents, make cookies for Santa, and get the good deals at stores on Black Friday, the rest of our culture certainly is. How do we keep the focus on Jesus, and not on elves or presents?
There are more tools out there to help parents than you might think. We talked to some friends, did some reading, and got some creative ideas. Here are a few of our favorites.

This Christmas will be my son’s first. And even though he’ll only be eight months old, I’m already wondering how we’re going to explain everything to him next year, so I’m doing my research, too. But I know that the best things to do aren’t even things: We need to rest in God’s sovereignty and model a rich relationship in Christ. And then we lean on the body of Christ for prayer and practical wisdom.
What ideas do you have? What have you done to help your kids understand what Christmas is really about?
Lindsey M. Roberts spent years writing exclusively for secular journalism, including such outlets as The Washington Post, Architect, and Gray magazine, before she first tried to write about Jesus. She’s thrilled to explore in words how everything from cleaning the kitchen three times a day to delighting in the maritime history of Nantucket is an opportunity to meet and glorify God. Lindsey lives with her husband, a pastor and U.S. Army Reserve chaplain, and two children in Wisconsin.

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