Louis Zamperini In His Own Words

A lesser man would have broken. Louis Zamperini was already a national hero as an olympic athlete, but then his bomber went down in WWII, leaving him adrift for 47 days. There he faced sharks, exposure, and starvation. Finally rescued, he was then forced to face relentless torture as a prisoner of war.

Today’s episode recovers an interview Charles conducted with Louis just after he turned 90. Hear Louis in his own words describe the incredible events that became a bestselling book and blockbuster movie. This fascinating conversation will keep you on the edge of your seat.

More on Louis Zamperini

  • Read more about Louis Zamperini’s life story in an article detailing highlights of his journey from olympic athlete to prisoner of war to follower of Jesus.
  • Haven’s producer met Louis one day at an evangelistic event. Read about that here: The Day I Met Louis Zamperini
  • Louis’ story is most famously told in the book Unbroken. But it’s also included among many other stories of faith that came out of both world wars in a book called War and Grace. You can request a Copy of that here.

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  • Nancy Davisson says:

    I love your program! Just forwarded this info to my son….teaching English as a second language in South Korea . He is enjoying his 2nd year of a FULLBRIGHT scholarship teaching to North Korean refugees…has developed such a love for these people! God is at work….especially through these airways Charles Morris….GOD BLESS YOU!
    A Mom from Noblesville Indiana

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