Jesus: Sight & Sound – The Heart of the Story

Any time the gospel story is retold on film or stage, the question at the heart of the story is always the same: What did Jesus come to do? Depending on who is telling the story, that answer can range from moral teacher to political revolutionary. But for the scores of people working for the theater production of Jesus: Sight & Sound, the answer was always the same . . . Jesus as personal savior.

If you’re not familiar, Sight & Sound is a storytelling company based out of Lancaster County, PA, and Branson, MO, that is passionate about bringing true stories of redemption to life on stage and on screen that reveal the power of the Gospel.

For their long-running production of JESUS that was filmed in front of a live audience, they went all out! But no matter how big the set or elaborate the production, everything was centered around the heart of the story.

For your gift to Haven Ministries . . .

Jesus: Sight & Sound (DVD)

Filmed in front of a live audience, Sight & Sound’s JESUS is a state-of-the-art theatrical production that has been seen by more than one million people on stage.

But what about the rest of us who live too far to make a live showing? Haven Ministries is offering a special edition DVD of this top-notch stage production on the story of Jesus and those he encountered during his earthly ministry.

Even those who saw it live can now see it all close-up, including the emotions of joy and pain etched clearly on the faces of Jesus and his disciples. It’s as gripping as a blockbuster movie and as intimate as if you’re sitting in the theater yourself.

As our thanks for your gift to the ministry of Haven Today, we want to send you this DVD that is perfect for the whole family to take in the gospel story in a uniquely intimate way. Just follow the link below to make your gift to receive this Christ-centered resource.

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