Introducing Redemption Lighthouse

Redemption Lighthouse, Haven’s Cuba broadcast, is entering its second year! Known as El Faro de Redención in Spanish, this daily radio program and podcast shines the light of Christ from all of Scripture for all of Cuba and all the world!
In this video El Faro’s speaker Dan Warne tells the little-known connection between slavery and the false religion of Santería in Trinidad, Cuba, explaining how this ministry is being used to set hearts free by the gospel across Cuba and the Spanish-speaking world.


2018Cuba-productEl Faro de Redención reaches 11.5 million people in Cuba, but we’re also hearing from people in almost every Spanish speaking country in the world. But now we need friends like you to help fund the second year. Will you join Haven in shining the light of the Gospel in Cuba?

El Faro is the only Christian radio program tailored specifically for Cubans—with Cuban Christian music, solid Bible teaching, and first-person accounts of Cubans who have found Christ.

Your gift encourages the church in Cuba and reaches the lost with biblical teaching centered on Christ and His grace, providing a space for Cubans to share their testimonies across their island and throughout the Spanish-speaking world.


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