Jon Erwin "Imagines" a Bright Future For Christian Movies

Jon Erwin is 1/2 of the Erwin Brothers, a two-person team of Christian Filmmakers committed to telling profound and Christ-honoring stories in cinema. You may have seen one of their films: “Woodlawn,” “Mom’s Night Out,” “October Baby,” or their newest project “I Can Only Imagine.” In this interview, Jon discusses the story behind their most recent movie, his hopes for the future of Christian filmmaking, and the vital role Jesus plays in his life and work.
A portion of this interview originally aired on Haven Today; you can listen to the full series here. 


ICOIDVD-productI Can Only Imagine (DVD)

The heart behind the hit song “I Can Only Imagine” takes viewers behind the curtain, into the personal life of singer/songwriter Bart Millard (a role magnificently performed by J. Michael Finley). Deeply moving, and not to be missed, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE is a story of tragedy and triumph; a living epistle of grace and healing. Chasing a dream while running from broken relationships with his father, Bart hits the road in an old, decrepit tour bus with his new band MercyMe and begins a journey none of them could ever have imagined. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE beautifully illustrates that no one is ever too far from God’s love—or from an eternal home in Heaven.


  • Sharon Cook says:

    I saw and loved I Can Only Imagine. I also bought the book. I saw MercyMe live at Spirit West Coast in Concord, California. It was my 3rd time seeing them in person. I absolutely love faith based movies. Keep them coming. Great job on I can Only Imagine, by the way. God bless you

  • Nadine Gibson says:

    I would love to send you a copy of my book “tangling with the enemy “

    • Corum Hughes says:

      Hi Nadine. Thanks so much! Feel free to send a copy to our office at
      PO Box 79997
      Riverside, CA 92513-1997

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