How to Teach Your Children the Bible

As children grow up, they will face a spiritual crisis unlike anything you and I have ever encountered.
Despite growing up in the church, 60% of today’s young adults are walking away from their faith after experiencing the spiritual cynicism that is so prevalent in colleges and universities. The lack of a strong biblical foundation is becoming evident, and the trend is growing.
What can you do to make sure the children in your life know their Bibles and have confidence in the saving work of Jesus Christ?

  1. Don’t assume they’ll get everything they need in Sunday school.
  2. Make a habit of reading Bible stories together.
  3. Invest in anything that will help captivate their imagination with the great story of the Bible!

One of the best resources for this is What’s in the Bible?a DVD series from VeggieTales creator, Phil Vischer. Full of silly songs, animation, and talking puppets, it’s actually substantial content that focuses on Christ.

It is our prayer that your children will know God’s Word and have confidence in their relationship with Jesus as they grow into adulthood. Whether it’s through Bible stories, Sunday school, or great resources like What’s in the Bible?, we want you to find the best way help your kids become rooted in the Word of God.
Please leave a comment below and let us know some of the ways you have found to effectively teach your children truths about God’s Word.

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