How Christians Are Handling Cuba’s Pandemic

As closed borders and COVID-19 make life in Cuba even more difficult, two things remain true:

  1. People’s needs are being met by the church.
  2. Christ is being preached.

In this video Pastor Usiel—a friend and partner of El Faro de Redención—shares the challenges of Cuba’s pandemic as well as the impact El Faro is making on the island.


Cuba is a country already filled with great suffering, and under the weight of COVID, their struggles have only increased. Yet the hand of God is evident, as more Cubans are open to hearing about the hope of Jesus.

El Faro de Redención—in English, Redemption Lighthouse—is Haven Ministries’ daily Spanish broadcast shining the light of Christ from all of Scripture for all of Cuba and with listeners around the world.

Will you help make an everlasting impact in Cuba? Your gift will be doubled up to $35,000 thanks to generous friends of El Faro de Redención.

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