Grace Changes Everything

Grace. This is one of the words we hear most often, and it’s also one of the most important gifts we receive from Christ. To put it simply, grace has the power to change our lives from hopelessness to joy.

In this week leading up to Easter, Lee Strobel is on HAVEN Today telling stories of everyday people experiencing grace in powerful ways [Click HERE to listen to the interview]. Focusing on God’s transforming work in their lives, Lee shows us that grace truly does change everything about who we are and how we live. 


Perhaps you know someone whose heart toward God is so hard it seems they’ll never come to faith in Christ. We all know people like that. This is why Lee Strobel’s The Case For Graceis so important. In the book, Lee carefully looks at several case studies – stories of God’s incredible work in the lives of some very different kinds of people who were unlikely converts. All of them seemed to be without hope, yet all of them were brought to faith in Christ.

Through it all, The Case For Grace is an encouraging book for any of us to read as it helps us realize that God’s grace can revolutionize our eternity and relationships.


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