From Con to Cuban Missionary: Wilber’s Story

Every Christian has a story to tell. That’s what I tell our El Faro de Redención team in Cuba as they work hard gathering stories of redemption to share with listeners across Cuba and around the world.

I met Wilber one night after a service where we worshiped the Lord in a packed church building. There, the gospel was preached, Bibles were distributed, and the good news about a new radio program featuring Cuban testimonies of faith was announced to everyone in attendance.

Wilber, a high-energy young man, all smiles, was serving behind the scenes that whole evening with the audiovisual team. He rushed up to me afterwards and said, “I have a story to tell! But I don’t have time to tell it!” And so he thrust a sheet of paper in my hands with his story scrawled out on both sides.

I’ve been saving this story for the right moment. Here at the end of a week where we’ve seen the Lord greatly provide for El Faro to continue sharing the good news of Jesus and stories like this one throughout Cuba and around the world, I want to share Wilber’s story with you.

My name is Wilber Zaldivar Cruz and I am a young Cuban grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ. My Family would preach to me, but I ridiculed them. I used to work as an MC for a nightclub and I had never heard the gospel. One day, I was invited to take part in a robbery and from then on, I kept sinking deeper into sin until I was caught and imprisoned (I spent 13 years behind bars). That was where I decided to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It was there, incarcerated, that I received freedom (true freedom).

Jesus saved me three years before my release and as I came to the end of my time in prison, I met a beautiful, godly woman, Madiemi Lopez Quintana. We got married and immediately started serving the Lord as missionaries in the Bay of Cienfuegos.

I once was blind but now I’m a missionary!!!

Before, I didn’t want to listen. Now I preach on the busses and in the streets so that many may be saved just as Jesus saved me.

Glory to God!

Jesus is alive!

He is our King and He has the amazing power to change your life, right now! Let him enter and you will be truly free!!!

From Cuba, in the love of Christ, amen.

From being an MC at a club, to years behind bars, to becoming a missionary. That’s Wilber’s story, and he would be the first to tell you it’s a story of God’s grace to him in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for making it possible to continue sharing these stories with listeners in all of Cuba and all the world.

Dan Warne

Director and Speaker, El Faro de Redención

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  • Mike Fuller says:

    I enjoy the broadcast, when I can hear it at lunch in my car! A question…In the ’70’s, a local radio station played The Haven of Rest Quartet song, In the Cool of the Evening. I saw The Haven Quartet on your website…is that the same group? Love the song.
    Best, Mike F

    • Corum Hughes says:

      Hi Mike. Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, it looks like that song came from the Haven of Rest Quartet album, “Glory to His Name.”

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