Short Film: Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus

“Is this the end of Christianity in the Middle East?”
When Charles Morris read this headline posed by the New York Times, he chose to travel to Jordan and Iraq in search of answers. What he discovered left him amazed and inspired. While the news coverage of ISIS focuses on the horrors wrought by this group, there is another side to the story that rarely gets told: While terror is on the rise, Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus like never before. 


Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus

Written by Charles Morris and Christian journalist Craig Borlase, Fleeing Isis, Finding Jesus offers a unique, compelling account of the miraculous ways in which Jesus is transforming lives in the Middle East today. As Charles narrates his travels around the region, he shares with readers not just the good news of how Jesus is at work, but he also invites us to wonder how our own lives might be transformed as a result.

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