Give Cuba Radio

Starting in early 2018, Haven Ministries will begin broadcasting on the only Christian radio station that reaches the entire island of Cuba, sharing the great story that’s all about Jesus. This video tells the story of how the Lord has called has called us to partner with the church in Cuba to meet a great need: Christ-centered Bible teaching.

Airing on the only Christian radio signal that will reach the whole island, and this new program will be the the only Christian radio program tailored specifically for Cubans—with Cuban Christian music, solid Bible teaching, and first-person accounts of Cubans who have found Christ. This is a rare opportunity to support the largest revival in the Western Hemisphere … a revival that is sweeping through Cuba today!
We’ve funded nearly half of what we’ll need for the first year of broadcasting into Cuba, but time is running out! We need to reach our goal of $315,000 by mid-December to launch this program on-time. We need your prayers and your help today! If the Lord is calling you to give to this effort, click on the button below to make your gift today and know that it will have double the impact!


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