Meet Charles Morris’ Dog, Clementine

Anyone close to Charles Morris knows he has a soft spot for dogs — especially his own dog, Clemmie. Meet her in this video as Charles shares how important your support is to Haven Ministries this season.

2021-2022 Fiscal Year Review

Everything this listener-supported ministry accomplishes in service to the Lord is largely thanks to friends like you. Your partnership is an important part of our ministry to impact the world for Jesus.

Thanks to the 16,569 supporters of Haven this fiscal year, friends of the ministry have made it possible for hundreds of thousands of people to hear the great story that’s all about Jesus every day.

For more information on how your support has been used to impact the world for Jesus, visit our highlights page and view insights from the last twelve months of ministry to see how you helped share Jesus this year.


  • Judith S Peterson says:

    Dear Charles,
    I’m a dog lover, too. But I’m living with two looking haired cats my husband adopted not terribly long before he died! I’m 85 and afraid they might outlive me. They are nice cats and company for me. My son lives about 800 ft away and gives me lots of help and TLC.
    God bless you!
    Judy Peterson

    • Corum says:

      Thanks for sharing, Judith. I’ll pass your note along to Charles. It sounds like you have a very helpful, devoted son. God bless!

  • Roy says:

    I too love dogs and babies,though I don’t own a dog but I love them especially German shepherd types black and golden.
    God bless your ministry.

  • Charles P, friend of Jesus C. says:

    Hi Charles,
    We adopted a 17 pound Russian Blue Saber-Tooth Tiger Kitty that we’ve named Mr Bud-Ster. He also works for treats and is much more friendly than Vladimir Putin. He inspires us to take our REST after being about our Father’s Business.
    And, we also currently reside under the shadow of the Mount Rubidoux (Ruby) Cross here in Riverside, California.

    • Corum says:

      Thanks for your writing in! I’ve passed your note along to Charles. Sounds like Mr. Bud-Ster a great companion cat, and it’s always great to find connections with others in Riverside!

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