Bruce Hindmarsh on the Life of John Newton and the Surprising Story Behind Amazing Grace

On Friday, January 1, 1773, a pastor of a small church debuted a hymn that he wrote to accompany his New Year’s Day sermon. He called it “Faith’s Review and Expectation” — not exactly an exciting title. And yet little did he or his congregation know this humble chorus would go on to be the most-sung song in the English language: Amazing Grace.

On today’s episode of the Great Stories podcast, Charles Morris speaks with Bruce Hindmarsh, a professor of Spiritual Theology and Christian History at Regent College Vancouver, a John Newton scholar, and co-author of the new book Amazing Grace: The Life of John Newton and the Surprising Story Behind His Song.

When you listen, you’ll find out how Newton’s life was difficult, utterly sinful at times, and littered with contradictions … and yet Christ offered him grace and he eventually repented. If you’ve ever been moved by the hymn Amazing Grace, then this episode is for you.

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    Just a couple of tremendous shows about the wonderful hymn “amazing grace” I knew some of the background but I did not know it all! thank you for sharing the entire story of the amazing hymn & the amazing author behind hymn and how it was birth in his hard times and then spread throughout the whole world!!! thank YOU Jesus CHRIST of Nazareth!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy Nelsen says:

    Very good

  • Rosa Ramos says:

    Thank you sometimes we forget about his amazing grace and knowing that he has always been here ,is here and will remain here until the day he comes to save us Jesus is my salvation

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