Ben Witherington on What Jesus Does and Does NOT Say About Money

Summer 2022 has been marked by record inflation, intolerable gas prices, and the question of whether or not the US economy is in a recession. With so much uncertainty surrounding finances, this is a good time for Christians to consider their relationship with Jesus and money.

This week’s episode of the Great Stories Podcast returns to a 2012 conversation where Charles Morris asked Bible scholar and Professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary Dr. Ben Witherington III some hard-to-face questions about money. Questions like: 

  • What should a Christian do with his or her money?
  • What does the Bible say about tithing?
  • What are the myths that Christians believe about money?

Whether you have immense wealth or meager means, we pray this conversation will be a great way for you to consider how Jesus would want you to relate to your income, possessions, and the things of this world that moth and rust destroy.

Going Deeper

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