Be Strong, Cuba: A Message of Hope

Friday, May 18th was one of the darkest days in recent memory for Cuba. An airliner carrying 107 passengers and 6 crew members crash-landed shortly after takeoff, resulting in the death of 110 people, with three survivors rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Yesterday, a national day of mourning was declared in Cuba, with the flag at half-mast to tribute those who tragically lost their lives. These events dealt a significant blow to the Cuban church. Ten pastoral couples who were returning from a marriage retreat in Havana to the eastern city of Holguin were aboard the plane. All ten couples perished after the plane took off and immediately came back down not far from the runway.

In the following video, a Cuban Christian whose pastor is among the deceased, sings a song of gospel hope for Christ’s church in Cuba.



El Faro de Redención, a ministry of Haven Today with Charles Morris, has aired on Shine 800 reaching all of Cuba since February 5th, 2018. Every program opens with the words “Shining the light of Christ from all of Scripture for all of Cuba.”

This week, El Faro de Redención was scheduled to air a two-week series on “The Fruit of the Spirit,” but via social media I became aware of the impact this crash has had on the Cuban church. As Haven Today listeners know, it is our custom to speak the hope of Jesus into moments of tragedy such as this, a commitment that began on 9/11 when we aired new content recorded moments after that national tragedy.

In keeping with this commitment, tonight we are replacing our program with special covereage of the aviation disaster, focusing especially on its impact on the church in Cuba. The majority of this program gives space to a diverse body of Cuban believers sharing their story of sorrow and hope: men and women, pastors and church members, rural workers in Holguin and Havana artists, representing five denominations, all bringing their country prayers, tears, and words of gospel encouragement. The hashtag going around on social media is #FuerzaCuba, which means “Be strong, Cuba,” and our program by the same title revolves around Christ being our strength in the midst of storms such as this.

Please pray for this evening’s broadcast, a unique moment in Cuban Christian radio, to have a deep and far-reaching impact for Jesus.

For Christ and Cuba,

Dan Warne
Director and Speaker, El Faro de Redención
Christ from All of Scripture for All of Cuba
A Ministry of Haven Ministries


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