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Is Christianity Christ + the American dream?

The modern “American Gospel” is a distorted, corrupted gospel. American Gospel examines how the prosperity gospel (the Word of Faith movement) has distorted the gospel message (promises of “the American dream” of health, wealth, & prosperity), and how this theology is being exported abroad.

American Gospel DVDAmerican Gospel: Christ Alone (DVD)

  • “The great strength of the film is that it’s not only a negative examination of the Word of Faith movement, but also a very positive and helpful examination of biblical truth. ” – Tim Challies
  • “This is the best clarifying juxtaposition of truth and prosperity preaching I know of. I pray millions of people around the world will watch this for the glory of Christ and his Good News.” – John Piper
  • “I think suffering Christians will discover an unexpected balm in this film as they are reminded of the true hope provided in Christ Jesus.” – Reagan Rose


  • Barbara Lievanos says:

    Very true

  • Ted Bates says:

    Mr. Morris I really respect you for sharing the true gospel as well as that young man about the false prosperity gospel. Thank you.

  • Hello my name is Willie Garcia, I had the pleasure of meeting
    Mr. Charles Morris quite a few years back in Montecito California. We talked and prayed.
    I would like to comment on the word faith movement. To be liberated from false teachers is for each one of us to educate ourselves in biblical studies with the help of the Holy Spirit of course. I’ve always asked the Lord for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, it is very vital to not only read the Bible but to focus on what we’re reading, take a moment to meditate on scripture. The prosperity gospel ministry is no more, no less than a false interpretation of Christianity. It is a worldly materialistic virus that robs each individual of truly growing in the spirit, unfortunately throughout the world there are different cults that blind people from advancing in their walk with Christ. Seek the truth and it’ll set you free. Praise the GOD of Israel. May the blood ? of Christ set people free from any bondage ✝️

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