7 Surprising Truths About Revelation

The book of Revelation opens with a promise of blessing to those who hear and read its contents. This is just as true today as it was when it was first written to early believers in Christ.

John, the youngest disciple, wrote Revelation in the latter part of the first century while exiled to the Island of Patmos. As the final disciple to survive the persecution coming from Rome, he was writing to the surrounding churches as a way to encourage them, assuring them that their suffering was not in vain.

The message of Revelation is simple: persevere and anticipate the second coming of Christ.

That’s the bird’s eye view, but there are several little-known truths that many overlook when flipping through the Bible’s final letter. Here are 7 amazing facts about Revelation that you may not have noticed before:

1. A human title for Jesus Christ is never used in Revelation.
When John writes about Jesus in the final book of Scripture, he doesn’t use terms like Rabbi, teacher, prophet, or many other titles found in the New Testament. Instead, John focuses on Christ’s divinity. He uses titles such as Prince of the Kings of the Earth, Alpha and Omega, Son of God, and King of Kings.

2. Jesus is called Lord 23 Times in Revelation.
In the Old Testament, “Lord” was a title reserved only for Yahweh. In Revelation this high designation is used interchangeably with God and Christ.

3. A more literal translation for Revelation in the Greek is “unveiling.”
To reveal means to make an unknown secret known to others. To unveil means to draw back the curtain on something, as is often done in a public event or announcement. When John wrote Revelation, he wasn’t letting us in on a secret—he was giving us a glimpse of what’s to come.

4. Jesus is referred to as a lamb 28 times, but He is also portrayed as a lion.
Many of us have heard the words, “worthy is the lamb who was slain,” but that same lamb is also called the “Lion of Judah.”

5. Revelation is all about Christnot the antichrist.
The word antichrist is only found in 1 and 2 John. The book of Revelation refers only to the spirit of the antichrist and antichrists. The point is not to focus on the villain of the story, but the hero—Jesus.

6. Two prophetic books were considered for the New Testament.
When early church leaders gathered to pray and select the books to include in the New Testament, they also considered The Shepherd, written by a pastor in Rome named Hermas. John, in writing the Revelation of Jesus Christ, was steeped in the Old Testament. Unlike Hermas, who never connected the Old Testament with Christ’s return, John confirmed that the second coming of Christ was foretold by many throughout Scripture—even before the incarnation.

7. Revelation is more than a book of prophecy.
It’s also evangelistic. One of the most significant words found in Revelation is “come.” Jesus is coming again and his coming is near. But this word is also used as an invitation for the lost to believe. Revelation 3:20 says that Jesus stands at the door and knocks. The final chapter says:

The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let the one who hears say, “Come!” Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life. – Revelation 22:17

Revelation is a divinely inspired book that reveals more and more every time we read it. With these points in mind, take another look at the only prophetic book in the New Testament and how it’s all about Jesus Christ. Be encouraged to look forward to the day when He will come again to redeem His world.


As the leader of the 80-year-old Haven Ministries, Charles Morris is always thinking of ways to lead Christians and non-Christians to Christ—hence the familiar slogan, “Telling the great story … it’s all about Jesus.” Charles is a former secular journalist, who has worked for United Press International, and as a press secretary for two former U.S. senators. He began working in the Christian world after seminary, coming to Haven as the fourth speaker in 2000. He and his wife, Janet, have written several books, including Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus.

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  • Mary says:

    I truelly believe in the book of revelation ..and the second coming of Christ.
    But how do you explain to me about what I recently viewed about pope Franco’s video saying that Jesus is Lucifer.and anti christ..I really can’t control my mind how I will goin to mind bout that..

    • Corum Hughes says:

      Thanks for your feedback. The purpose of this article is to not get into the different interpretations of the end times, but to focus on what Revelation is all about–Jesus. There are many interpretations and theories out there, and it is not our place as a ministry to determine the right and wrong answers to how the events in Revelation will play out. Our role instead is to encourage our listeners and readers to focus on Jesus and pray for the Lord to come quickly.

    • John J Gnizak says:

      Really is that what you heard really? Then why do they teach that Jesus died on the cross
      and rise again on the 3rd day .He died to pay for our sins , the sinless lamb of God took our sins on Himself to pay what we could never pay for because we are sinners and have lived the way that Lucifer (Satan) wanted us to live in ways against God. Jesus proved that he was and is God by rising up on the 3rd day

  • Stephen says:

    Soon and very soon every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of all to the glory of the Father

  • Dr Ahmad Mualla says:


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