The Best of Christmas by Haven

The definite Christmas collection spanning decades of worship and musical excellence.

Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey

Share the life-changing classic of Pilgrim’s Progress with your kids in a fully illustrated storybook!

2022 Haven Calendar

The themes of light and dark are heavy throughout scripture and even in our world today. The 2022 Haven Calendar will serve as a reminder each day that Jesus is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD!

The Manger Mission

The Manger Mission is a child-led and Jesus-focused activity, anticipating Jesus’ birth while taking part in the journey of the Wise Men.

Meet The Speaker

Charles Morris

Charles had been asking the Lord to use his journalism background and communication skills for the Kingdom when the phone rang in early 2000 and he was asked to become the fourth speaker on an 87-year-old Christian radio program based in Los Angeles called Haven Today.

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Anchor Devotional

The Angel of Advent

Wednesday / December 8th 2021

People use clever, dramatic ways to announce the birth of a child these days, but only God can send an angel. We might say someone is an angel if they are well-behaved or cute, but in the Bible the nature of angels is defined not by what they do but by Whom they represent. The word “angel” literally means “messenger.” So angels are the messengers of God Almighty, appearing with His glory to announce what will happ…

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Featured Blog Post

The Haven Quartet Presents “Mary, Did You Know?”

Tuesday / December 7th 2021

For five decades, the Haven Quartet have sung classic songs of the Christian faith, along with many originals. Their version of “Mary, Did You Know?” is something in between. Written in 1984 by Mark Lowry, this moving rendition by Haven elevates the modern classic in a way that stirs the heart and inspires the listener to reflect on everything Jesus came to do.   The Best of Christmas by Haven The Definitive Collection of Haven…

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