Jesus: Sight and Sound (Special Edition DVD)

Filmed in front of a live audience, Sight & Sound‘s spectacular original production has been experienced by over one million people live on stage.

5 Things to Pray for Your Kids

This little guide is both deep and easy to use. Melissa Kruger takes us back to the Bible to show us what God’s will for children is, so we can pray in line with it.

War and Grace

War and Grace is the fascinating collection of redemptive stories of 13 people who lived through the World Wars of the last century.

Then Sings My Soul

Then Sings My Soul

Meet The Speaker

Charles Morris

Charles had been asking the Lord to use his journalism background and communication skills for the Kingdom when the phone rang in early 2000 and he was asked to become the fourth speaker on an 80-year-old Christian radio program based in Los Angeles called Haven Today.

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Anchor Devotional

Resting in Grace

Monday / September 25th 2023

Grace yields peace, as hymn-writer John Newton knew well: “[An element] of blessedness is … a reliance upon [the Lord] … and … a peaceful, humble submission to His will under all events which, upon their first impression, are contrary to our own views and desires. Surely in a world like this, where everything is uncertain, where we are exposed to trials on every hand and know not but that a single hour may brin…

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Featured Blog Post

Messianic Jews on Finding Jesus in the Jewish High Holy Days

Friday / September 22nd 2023

The Jewish High Holy Days begin at sundown mid-September with Rosh Hashanah commemorating God’s creation of man. Faithful Jews often greet each other by saying “L’shanah tovah,” which means “for a good year.” It also includes the blowing of the shofar and the eating of apples, honey, as well as challah bread with raisons. Then, the highest of all the high holy days comes ten days later: Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, when practicing…

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