Part 1: The troubles that life brings often leave us with anxiety and pain. But in Jesus Christ, we can take heart that our Father knows our struggles and will take care of us.

Part 2: We live in a time when productivity is king. But what do we do when it inevitably leads us to fatigue and burnout? The good news is that Jesus promises rest to all who come to Him.

Part 3: Why do so many of us procrastinate on tasks that need to get done right now? Rather than letting the to-do list cause you anxiety, find comfort in Jesus’ words for those who fret about tomorrow.

Part 4: Emmanuel literally means “God with us.” But this word becomes more nuanced when you follow Jesus. Find out how this Old Testament name of God points us to all three persons of the Trinity.

Part 5: When people get married, they expect everything to go according to plan. But what if one of the invited guests disrupts the carefully planned ceremony? It turns out, Jesus also thought about this.

Your Father Knows
June 24, 2019
Your Father Knows
June 25, 2019
Your Father Knows
June 26, 2019
Your Father Knows
June 27, 2019
Your Father Knows
June 28, 2019




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