PART 1: Jay Stocker joins Charles on the program today to talk about how to achieve peace in anxious times.

PART 2: Some of the best moments of reflection come in hard times. With so many people feeling shut in and secluded these days, there is no better time than now to to reflect on your walk with Christ. 

PART 3: Pride is one of the most common sins we commit every day. Even the act of doing a good deed can feed a boastful heart. Thankfully, Jesus understands our struggle. 

PART 4: Tired, burdened, tense, worried. Do these heavy words describe your current situation? The truth is, we could all use time to find rest for our weary souls.

PART 5: Christians are called to bring glory to the Lord, but what does that look like? Jesus exemplified the answer when He taught us to love God and our neighbor with a servant’s heart.

Time Out With Jesus
April 20, 2020
Time Out With Jesus | Part 2
April 21, 2020
Time Out With Jesus | Part 3
April 22, 2020
Time Out With Jesus | Part 4
April 23, 2020
Time Out With Jesus | Part 5
April 24, 2020





Scripture Lullabies Music Samples

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