PART 1: Jesus would have visited the temple many times. He also overturned tables and chased money changers away from it. Discover how a little passage in John 2 helps us understand Christ’s complicated relationship with the temple when you listen to today’s program.

PART 2: When Jesus visited his hometown, he was not received as a returning hero. Instead, he was nearly killed by his former neighbors. And yet he continued to love them.

PART 3: To call God “father” in 1st century Judea would have been incredibly dangerous. And yet that’s exactly what Jesus did. And he invites you to do the same every day.

PART 4: Just before setting is face to go to Jerusalem, Jesus posed a question to his disciples: “Who do you say that I am?” Though Peter answered correctly, none of them were prepared for what happened next.

PART 5: Lazarus was raised from the dead, only to live a bit longer and die another day. On today’s program, Charles Morris explains how this resurrection points to an even better one.

PART 1: Jesus and the Temple
March 22, 2021
PART 2: Returning to Nazareth
March 23, 2021
PART 3: Your Father in Heaven
March 24, 2021
PART 4: Liar, Lunatic, or Lord?
March 25, 2021
PART 5: An Easter Preview
March 26, 2021



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