Many have tried but few have succeeded in reading through the entire Bible. If you’re in the majority of those who have failed yet would like to read all God’s Word in a short period of time, be sure and listen to the next HAVEN Today. Charles Morris is joined by former agnostic Ted Cooper and others who have completed the goal they set. Don’t miss part 2 of a program called “The Bible in 90 Days”.
The Bible in 90 Days (pt 2)
January 15, 2008




From Agnostic to Believer in 90 Days

Ted Cooper was an agnostic who decided to put the claims of Christianity to the test by doing what so many have tried and failed to do—read the Bible all the way through. Knowing how many who attemp ...

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How I Failed to Read the Bible in 90 Days

Right now, I'm in the middle of reading the Bible through for the seventh time. My story, though, is a story of a series of failures, not successes. In my early days as a Christian, the pastor of m ...

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Join Us In Reading the Bible in 90 Days

If reading the Bible provides such an abundance of peace, if time with the Lord in his Word is so fruitful, then why aren't we faithful in reading the Bible? Perhaps, it's for the same reason we ab ...

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