PART 1: This week’s series kicks off with an interview with a South African pastor with a unique perspective on Luke’s Gospel.

PART 2: What sets Luke apart from the other three gospels? Who is he and who is he writing to? What is his main message? Find out when you listen to today’s program.

PART 3: John the Baptist had a lot to say, but what does his ancient message have to do with us?

PART 4: After John baptized Jesus, it wasn’t long before his earthly ministry took off. Learn more about Christ’s testing in the wilderness and some of his first recorded miracles when you listen to today’s program.

PART 5: Jesus was not afraid to challenge the status quo. Find out how he flipped Judaism upside-down, fulfilled the law, and revealed hidden truths about God’s Kingdom.

PART 6: The eighth chapter of Luke was given to build us up. Whether it is addiction, demon possession, a storm, or even death, Jesus wants us to know that true faith brings life.

PART 7: The ninth chapter of Luke might be the most important chapter in the whole book. Taking place just before the transfiguration, this chapter marks the turning point in Christ’s ministry, propelling him toward Jerusalem.

PART 8: We are constantly being pulled in different directions. Messages from political parties and media outlets, even family and friends, can sometimes be downright inflammatory. What’s the solution? Luke 11 points to the most important practice of our Christian life: prayer.

PART 9: Hypocrisy is never seen in a positive way. It’s also one of the things Jesus warned against most. On today’s program, we look at a passage of Scripture that gets to the heart of this common heart issue.

PART 10: The Christian life can seem counterintuitive. The first comes last, the last first. According to Jesus, the road to success is paved in humility. Find out why this wisdom is true when you listen to today’s program.

PART 11: Two sons, two ways to be lost. Find out how Christ’s most famous parable teaches us how the Father’s love is greater than anything we’ve ever done.

PART 12: How does a dishonest employee who short-changes his boss for his own gain become a Christian role model? Find out how Jesus teaches his followers to be shrewd on today’s program that covers one Christ’s most surprising parables.

BONUS INTERVIEW: It’s tough being a pastor in Washington D.C. right now. David Hanke knows this more than most as his congregation includes government officials on both sides of the aisle. How does he preach the gospel to Republicans and Democrats?

PART 1: Interview with Greg Heasley
January 4, 2021
PART 2: What It’s All About
January 5, 2021
PART 3: Chapter 3
January 6, 2021
PART 4: Chapters 4-5
January 7, 2021
PART 5: Chapters 6-7
January 8, 2021
PART 6: Chapter 8
January 11, 2021
PART 7: Chapters 9-10
January 12, 2021
PART 8: Chapter 11
January 13, 2021
PART 9: Chapter 12
January 14, 2021
PART 10: Chapters 13-14
January 15, 2021
PART 11: Chapter 15
January 18, 2021
PART 12: Chapters 16-17
January 19, 2021
Bonus Interview: David Hanke On Preaching the Gospel in Washington D.C.
January 20, 2021



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