Easter is one of the most significant holidays for Christianity. But how does the resurrection of Christ impact the day-to-day lives of believers today? Learn more when you listen to this week’s series as Charles Morris is joined by N.T. Wright.
Part 1: The most startling claim of Christianity is that Jesus rose from the dead after being brutally executed on a Roman cross. Could it possibly be true? And if it is, what difference does that make for us today?
Part 2: Did it really happen? Is it true? Did Jesus Christ really rise from the dead? It’s the most essential issue our faith hinges upon, but many people don’t believe it ever took place. N.T. Wright’s interview continues on today’s program.

Part 3: The future is filled with uncertainty. Whether it’s your health, your finances, or just your sense of stability, this world offers no hope or promises. But all of that changes when we take the resurrection of Christ to heart.

Part 4: What sets Jesus Christ apart from Mohammed, Buddha, or any other religious leader? Unlike other spiritual leaders, Jesus validated everything He claimed about Himself when He died and rose again.

Part 5: The Resurrection signifies that the new creation has come and that our world history is heading for a climactic shift. So why do so many Christians seem to live without this power in their lives today?

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