PART 1: Randall Goodgame joins Charles on today’s program to talk about his newest project that helps kids learn more about Christ.

PART 2: The story of Adam and Eve is one of the Bible’s most vivid lessons. Not only does it teach us the consequences of sin, but it’s also unique lesson about the true nature of freedom.

PART 3: Have you ever had the experience of losing your child in a crowded place? Even if it’s for an instant, it can be one of the most terrifying experiences of your life.

PART 4: How do you respond to your child’s bad behavior? Discipline might be the first thing that comes to mind, but grace is just as important.

PART 5: Where does the power to obey God come from? The Bible teaches it doesn’t come from us. So, if we don’t have the power to be a “good person,” why do we expect our kids to be good on their own?

PART 1: Interview with Randall Goodgame
July 13, 2020
PART 2: The Cost of Freedom
July 14, 2020
PART 3: Lost Children
July 15, 2020
PART 4: Bad Behavior
July 16, 2020
PART 5: Sprit-Filled Living
July 17, 2020





Introducing "The Slugs & Bugs Show"

The Slugs & Bugs Show is a groundbreaking new series designed to help children and parents grow together in Truth, navigating daily life through the lens of faith. Randall Goodgame, a producer of ...

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