PART 1: Charles interviews M.D. Perkins, the producer and directer of In His Image, to discuss some of the core themes of gender, sexuality, and identity in Christ.

PART 2: We were made to reflect the image of God. But what does that even mean? And how can that happen with sinful people?

PART 3: When we talk about the opening chapters of Genesis, it’s easy to begin with the fall of man and original sin. But what about before that when everything was good?

PART 4: C.S. Lewis said no human is ordinary because everyone, no matter how unlikable or boring, are made in the image of God. And so how did it all go wrong?

PART 5: If we are all sinful and broken, how can we have any hope? The answer is simple, but it’s often hard to accept.

PART 6: The Bible is a complex book filled with many different authors and genres. So how can we say that there is one unified theme culminating in the death and resurrection of Jesus?

PART 7: Life is often described as a journey, but we would be wrong to assume it ends at death. On today’s program, Charles looks at how the Christian journey always leads to Jesus.

PART 8: It’s easy to notice sin in someone else’s life, but have you looked in the mirror lately? On today’s program, Charles looks at Jonah and how we all have a tendency to let prejudice get in the way of God’s redemption.

PART 9: Though we are made in the image of God, we’ve all sinned and fallen short of His glory. What’s the answer? This is what makes the good news of Jesus so good.

PART 10: This is the last part of our two-week series on how all humans are made in the image of God. Listen in as Charles summarizes how this relates to the way we live each day.

PART 1: What’s Your Image?
July 26, 2021
PART 2: What is God’s Image?
July 27, 2021
PART 3: In the Beginning …
July 28, 2021
PART 4: Reflecting Our Creator
July 29, 2021
PART 5: The Gift of Grace
July 30, 2021
PART 6: How is the Bible all about Jesus?
August 2, 2021
PART 7: The Christian Journey
August 3, 2021
PART 8: Overcoming Hypocrisy
August 4, 2021
PART 9: The Answer to Brokenness
August 5, 2021
PART 10: The Beginning of the End
August 6, 2021



In His Image (2 DVD set)

In His Image presents much-needed truth with compassion and clarity through powerful testimonies, Bible teaching, and scientific evidence.

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