Ep. 1 – If you have children in your life, you know how important it is to be praying for them. But how do we do it right and regularly?

Ep. 2 – How do we pray for our children? Where do we turn? Join Charles Morris on today’s program as we turn to find the answers in Scripture.

Ep. 3 – Why do we pray for our kids? Not because we’re scared, but because we’re excited for the Lord’s work in their lives.

Ep. 4 – Praying for our children also includes praying for ourselves. What kind of parents and grandparents should we be, and how should we remind our kids about the Lord?

Ep. 5 – Praying for our children when they walk away from the faith is the number one prayer request, we get here at Haven Ministries. But how do we do that and not lose hope?

Ep. 1 – Interview with Melissa Kruger
January 23, 2023
Ep. 2 – Pray for Your Child’s Salvation
January 24, 2023
Ep. 3 – For the Glory of God
January 25, 2023
Ep. 4 – Modeling a Life of Prayer
January 26, 2023
Ep. 5 – Hope for the Prodigal
January 27, 2023



5 Things to Pray for Your Kids

This little guide is both deep and easy to use. Melissa Kruger takes us back to the Bible to show us what God’s will for children is, so we can pray in line with it.

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Melissa Kruger Wants You to Pray for Your Children

Most online lists covering what children need most include things like education, good health, and self-esteem. These are all good, but something’s missing . . . prayer. Yet when it comes to praying ...

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Praying That God Will Watch Over My Child

This post first appeared on The Good Book blog; used with permission. The following piece is an extract from 5 Things to Pray for Your Kids by Melissa Kruger. In the book Melissa suggests fresh, ...

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Children Need Jesus' Promises, Too

Sally Lloyd-Jones, born in England and raised in Africa, is author of The Jesus Storybook Bible (a Moonbeam Award Gold Medal Winner), Just Because You’re Mine, and Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing. ...

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Nancy Guthrie Wants to Teach Your Children How to Pray

Prayer is an essential part of every Christian’s life. It’s also a mysterious and intimidating practice for believers both young and old. What’s the problem? Nancy Guthrie says, “Praying to Go ...

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