PART 1: You’ll hear from a Baptist pastor who, along with his pregnant wife, contracted COVID-19. After that Charles Morris discusses how nothing—not even a pandemic—should keep us from looking to the cross of Christ this Easter.

PART 2: Today’s program goes to Jerusalem to see how the lockdown is affecting Easter and Passover celebrations. After that, Charles Morris takes a close look at the resurrections of Lazarus and Christ in Scripture.

PART 3: No matter where you look, there is more news about COVID-19. But even in the midst of a pandemic, Christians can celebrate Christ’s victory over sin and death. 

PART 4: Today, Charles Morris catches up with two pastors, one in New York and the other in Cuba, for a coronavirus update. He’ll also explain how the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel relates to Easter.

PART 5: On this Good Friday, Charles Morris takes the program back to Jerusalem to hear from pastor David Zadok. Hear the gospel story and find out how the Holy Land is handling Easter weekend when you listen.

Easter’s Coming | Part 1
April 6, 2020
Easter’s Coming | Part 2
April 7, 2020
Easter’s Coming | Part 3
April 8, 2020
Easter’s Coming | Part 4
April 9, 2020
Easter’s Coming | Part 5
April 10, 2020



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