Ep. 1 – Easter is coming. So how can we prepare our hearts to celebrate the Resurrection with our families?

Ep. 2 – Jesus was betrayed, abandoned, and ultimately put to death. It was horrible. Join Charles Morris to remember that while he was suffering, life and hope were on the way. Christ’s resurrection sets everything back in place.

Ep. 3 – How can the arrest of an innocent man end with the greatest news ever told? On today’s program, Charles Morris reflects on how Jesus’s darkest week resulted in light for the world.

Ep. 4 – A trial in the middle of the night. Can anything good come of this? Join Charles Morris as we see how the darkest night in Jesus’s life on earth was used to save his people.

Ep. 5 – Good Friday was the darkest day in the history of the world, but Resurrection Sunday was on the way. Tune in to remember Christ’s death, and the salvation it secured.

Ep. 1 – Interview with Marty Machowski
March 27, 2023
Ep. 2 – Betrayed and Abandoned
March 28, 2023
Ep. 3 – Agony in the Garden
March 29, 2023
Ep. 4 – The Trial of Jesus
March 30, 2023
Ep. 5 – Good Friday
March 31, 2023



Darkest Night Brightest Day

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Marty Machowski on How to Share Christ with Kids this Easter

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