Part 1: There are Christians all around the world making an impact for Jesus. Some of them made history books and some you’ve never heard of.

Part 2: She was bullied and she was depressed. She even contemplated taking her life, but Jesus had better plans for Haven Today’s future music director.

Part 3: It was the worst mass shooting in Texas history. How could anything good come from it?

Part 4: He was a founding father and the first president of the United States. But he also had a deep commitment to spend time in prayer.

Part 5: When Lottie Moon set sail for China she was just 32 years old. She had turned down a marriage proposal, resigned from her job, and left her wealthy family to follow the leading of the Lord.
Christians You Should Know
July 1, 2019
Christians You Should Know
July 2, 2019
Christians You Should Know
July 3, 2019
Christians You Should Know
July 4, 2019
Christians You Should Know
July 5, 2019




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