PART 1: Three quarters of a century ago, the Second World War was wrapping up. Out of all the battles and suffering that took place, the Lord was still at work.

PART 2: Corrie ten Boom had moments of despair in the Nazi concentration camps. We might not be able to relate to her, but we can relate to our own seasons of despair.

PART 3: It’s not easy to love everyone. But, when Jesus said love everyone, he meant everyone. Corrie ten Boom is an encouraging example of how to truly love your enemies.

PART 4: Jesus is more than enough to meet our every need. Even in our most desperate moments, He is able to fill us with true joy that only comes from Him.

PART 5: The Christian life is often compared to a battle against sin. So what gives us the drive to keep fighting this enemy? Jesus tells us that he will equip you.

PART 6: One of the greatest promises in Scripture is that Jesus’ love will outlast all things. His love for you is not limited by circumstance or any choice you make. His love is steadfast in every way.

PART 7: When troubles come Jesus has not left you defenseless. One of your greatest weapons in life is the Word of God. Everything you need for life and it’s goodness is found within the pages of Scripture.

PART 8: When your life is upended and your future seems unclear, how do you deal with the hardships of life? We need to fill up our arsenal by hiding God’s word in our heart.

PART 9: If the Lord is our Shepherd, then why do we face hard times? How can we trust a Good Shepherd when we are needy? The secret is to know Him personally.

PART 10: World War II claimed many lives. For those who lived through it, a few verses stand out as essential for Christians to hold closely to their hearts when faced with hard times. Learn about the most crucial verses when you listen.

PART 1: Corrie ten Boom Through the War
June 22, 2020
PART 2: In the Pit of Despair
June 23, 2020
PART 3: Jesus’ Love in Dark Places
June 24, 2020
PART 4: The Lord My Refuge
June 25, 2020
PART 5: The Battle
June 26, 2020
PART 6: God’s Steadfast Love
June 29, 2020
PART 7: Your Greatest Defense
June 30, 2020
PART 8: Words To Hold Onto
July 1, 2020
PART 9: Psalm 23
July 2, 2020
PART 10: Verses for Difficult Circumstances
July 3, 2020



The Hiding Place (Radio Theatre)

Relive Corrie ten Boom’s heart-pounding account as a leader in the Dutch Underground during World War II with Radio Theater’s The Hiding Place.

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