PART 1: The book of Revelation is full of thrills and chills. And it’s the only book that comes with a promised blessing for reading it. So why is it often unstudied?

PART 2: The book of Revelation was never meant to discourage us about the future. The Apostle John says it should be an encouragement for all of God’s people as we are filled with hope knowing Jesus’ reign is now and forever.

PART 3: People often look to Revelation to learn about the apocalypse. But this prophetic book has more to say about an even bigger day … the marriage feast of the lamb.

PART 4: Our world is full of sorrow and tragedy, but the book of Revelation offers hope as we see God working despite the chaos. Be encouraged to overcome any trial when you listen to today’s program.

PART 5: There is a single phrase in Revelation that’s written over and over again. It also points us to the central message of the entire book. Do you know what it is?

PART 1: Why Study Revelation?
August 24, 2020
PART 2: A Book of Encouragement
August 25, 2020
PART 3: A Long-Awaited Day
August 26, 2020
PART 4: Hope Amid Chaos
August 27, 2020
PART 5: Revelation’s Central Message
August 28, 2020



The Revelation

In a two-disc CD set, this best-seller features the entire book of Revelation, as read by Karen Heimbuch, set to an original score.

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Karen Heimbuch felt called by God to memorize the book of Revelation and was struck with the idea to dramatically recite it for others with a cinematic musical score and sound effects to help tell the story. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the production.


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