PART 1: More people visit Bible Gateway online than any other site devoted to sharing God’s Word. But did you know it all started as a college student’s project during the internet’s boom? Hear the story.

PART 2: She was abandoned by her mother in Germany just before the Berlin Wall went up. And though she saw the horrors of the Cold War firsthand, the Lord has used her suffering for his glory.

PART 3: When his longtime girlfriend left him, Noah Wilding thought he lost everything. And so he dropped out of college and traveled around the world to find himself. Finally, in Australia, Jesus found him.

PART 4: Carol Taylor helped transform three Christian universities facing uncertain futures, but she says COVID-19 has become the greatest trial she’s faced in her entire 45-year career in academics.

PART 5: A well-known author, speaker, and president of Wheaton College, Dr. Phil Ryken joins Charles Morris on today’s program to describe how the Lord is ministering to him and his school during the current pandemic.

PART 1: The Story Behind Bible Gateway
July 6, 2020
PART 2: Belma Vardy
July 7, 2020
PART 3: Noah Wilding
July 8, 2020
PART 4: Carol Taylor
July 9, 2020
PART 5: Dr. Phil Ryken
July 10, 2020



The Hiding Place (Radio Theatre)

Relive Corrie ten Boom’s heart-pounding account as a leader in the Dutch Underground during World War II with Radio Theater’s The Hiding Place.

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Composing the Score for "The Hiding Place"

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