Ep. 1 – Fires raging and hurricanes swirling, unexpected disasters striking in places we never imagined. Yet, amidst the chaos, the faithful servants of the Lord stand tall. Join Charles Morris as he speaks with Christ followers in Maui and British Columbia.

Ep. 2 – He’s a poet and he knows it. But this Cambridge scholar loves Jesus and writes poetry to help everyone rejoice in the Lord. Charles Morris is joined by world-renowned poet, Malcom Guite on today’s program.

Ep. 3 – She’s never fully had control of her muscles since the day she was born. But Sarah Wardlaw’s struggle with Cerebral Palsy has not stopped her from serving the Lord and her neighbors. Get to know her story on today’s program.

Ep. 4 – Where do you go when you are at a crossroads? There’s only one place: the Cross of Jesus. Just ask Ben Roberts, who learned about this during a difficult time in his life.

Ep. 5 – How can you be sick for years on end and still be joyful? Andrea Herzer, an author and speaker from Texas, joins the program to share about how she has been filled with the joy of the Lord even as she struggles with decades of pain and illness.

Ep. 1 – Paula, Mike and Roger
August 21, 2023
Ep. 2 – Malcom Guite
August 22, 2023
Ep. 3 – Sarah Wardlaw
August 23, 2023
Ep. 4 – Ben Roberts
August 24, 2023
Ep. 5 – Andrea Herzer
August 25, 2023



Then Sings My Soul

Then Sings My Soul

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Malcolm Guite on the Importance of Poetry in the Life of the Believer

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Amish Stories of Grace: Finding Jesus in Lancaster County

The Amish way of life has captured the imaginations of TV viewers and novel readers for decades. The romantic ideal of simple living within one’s own community is attractive, but the one thing that ...

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Robert J. Morgan Tells the Stories Behind Your Favorite Hymns

Do you know the stories behind your favorite hymns? Whether it’s Rock of Ages, Amazing Grace, or Just As I Am, each hymn has a fascinating story behind it. And it's often once you know these stor ...

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