PART 1: Michael Andrews, music director at All Souls Church in London, joins Charles on the program today to explain how Handel brilliantly wove God’s Word into some of the most beautiful music of all time.

PART 2: Christmas music isn’t just supposed to give you the holiday feels—its primary purpose is meant to draw you to Christ. On today’s program, Charles explores how Handel did this at the height of the Great Awakening.

PART 3: Did you know Handel’s Messiah was first written as a call to faith for the wayward? It’s also a good reminder for us that we are all in need of grace.

PART 4: When Jesus is our treasure, nothing in this world compares. He has blessed us beyond all measure and for that, we are thankful.

PART 5: Black Friday is typically all about big deals and shopping. But instead of beholding material objects, today’s program invites you to turn your eyes upon Jesus.

PART 1: Singing the Story of Redemption
November 23, 2020
PART 2 Twenty-Four Pages of ‘Amen’
November 24, 2020
PART 3: Messiah’s Mission
November 25, 2020
PART 4: Praise and Thanksgiving
November 26, 2020
PART 5: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
November 27, 2020



Handel’s Messiah

Every word on this 2-CD set comes from Scripture and exalts the name of Jesus!

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