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Part 1: To read the Bible in your own language is a gift from God. For English readers, that’s been the case for many years. So why do we need scholars to continue publishing modern translations in English today?

Part 2: How often do we neglect our Bibles? It’s a privilege to have God’s word in your own language.

Part 3: Indignant? Or compassion? Those are two very different words, but they are the two options facing translators of Mark 1:41.

Part 4: We all experience suffering in one form or another in this life. Thankfully, the Lord has given us a book to help us suffer well.

Part 5: The Bible was translated almost as soon as it was written. Today, thousands of years later, that work continues.

Ancient Words Ever True | Part 1
October 7, 2019
Ancient Words Ever True | Part 2
October 8, 2019
Ancient Words Ever True | Part 3
October 9, 2019
Ancient Words Ever True | Part 4
October 10, 2019
Ancient Words Ever True | Part 5
October 11, 2019



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Full Interview with Dr. Daniel Wallace

Daniel Wallace is Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. As an internationally known Greek New Testament scholar, he has been a consultant for four Bible tr ...

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