PART 1: Peter’s first epistle has given Christians tremendous comfort for more than 2,000 years. Discover why it was written, who it was written to, and how it all started on today’s program.

PART 2: Paul is one of the most quotable people in the New Testament. But some of the most famous passages we think he wrote actually came from Peter. Here are a few popular verses you might be misquoting.

PART 3: Today, we’re going to look at an important reminder from Peter: that Christians are not forgotten or abandoned by God. Find out what this means for you when you listen today’s program.

PART 4: When you encounter a suffering person, you must be careful not to help in hurtful ways. Even well intended remarks can make a bad situation worse. Thankfully, Peter offers comforting words for those who suffer.

PART 5: As you enjoy the great outdoors or cook special meals this weekend, remember this: we will one day enjoy the glories won for us by Christ. Even as earthly empires fade away, this coming glory will never grow dim.

PART 1: From the Beginning
June 28, 2021
PART 2: Famously Misquoted Verses
June 29, 2021
PART 3: Loved, Not Forgotten
June 30, 2021
PART 4: On Suffering
July 1, 2021
PART 5: The Coming Glory
July 2, 2021



David Suchet: In the Footsteps of St. Peter

Join David Suchet as he traces the footsteps of one of the most important figures in early Christianity, the man we know as St. Peter.

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