"So they will put my name on the Israelites,
and I will bless them."
(NUMBERS 6:27)

Matthew 28:19;
1 Corinthians 6:19b-20a
As a dad, I continue to marvel at the way my kids seem hard-wired for independence. From the time they were toddlers and now as teens, they have expressed their frustration to me when they are unable to accomplish some task or project. In those situations I may ask if they’ve used all the resources at their disposal, knowing full well they haven’t because they haven’t yet asked me to help. The answer is always the same: “Yes, but I still can’t!” Then I remind them that I’m there to help. They were in distress because they were acting like orphans.

When God put His name on the Israelites, they were acting like spiritual orphans, running after false gods and running away from the One true, living God. In your distress, do you also forget that God, your Father, has put His name on you?

It would cost millions of dollars to have your name put on a stadium. It cost God an infinite sacrifice to put His name on us. The eternal Son of God was abandoned for our faithlessness so that we might be adopted through Him.

Scripture Focus

Matthew 28:19;
1 Corinthians 6:19b-20a


(JOHN 14:18)

Bible In A Year

  • Jeremiah 49-50
  • Psalm 126
  • 2 Corinthians 6-7

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